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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall and the Senses

It's been way, way too long since I've posted pages! I've been trying to work through a bought of being uninspired and unhappiness with some of my pages. What I love about this class is that there are so many people that motivate me through their awesomeness to continue despite my doubts about my work!

Journal Prompt:  The colors of Fall.  What do they look like where you are from?  Which colors stick out, which colors amaze you?  Document it :)

My page:

This page was sooooo hard for me. Why? I have NO IDEA! :) I do like the leaves I found for this page. I'm wanting to make a leave collection book of some kind this year.

Journal Prompt:  The lovely smells of fall!  What are some smells that trigger memories of fall for you??

My page:

I got that ribbon at a Renfaire. I used to go to them every fall and dress up and everything! *waves nerd card*

Journal Prompt: The tastes of fall.  What tastes do you think of when you dream about the upcoming season?  Are their certain things that you wait all year for?  I know I do!!

My page:

Nothing to see here...possible do-over!

Journal Prompt:  The sounds of fall!  When you think of fall, what are some sounds that you think of?  I always think of the way the leafs crunch beneath my boots or the sounds of my family laughing and chatting over holiday meals :)

My page:

Yay, Sounds of Fall!  This was the first page in a long time that liked the results of. The Wise Owl card held some really pretty hair clips I bought at my first Renegade Craft Fair and the sparrow at the top was a gift that came with a Mama's Little Babies purchase.

Next: Fall and Food!

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