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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chameleons Vox Show

I haven't been to a show in forever. Thanks to the everso rad Miss Cuppy who blogged about going to see the Chameleons I was able to end my no-show streak. They are definitely a band I didn't think I'd get to see live and wanted to.

The club was packed and VERY HOT, thanks in part to a mini heat wave that plagued us this week. San Francisco is always ill prepared for warmer weather but thankfully the club had a few fans going. Mark came out wearing a T-Rex tank top and a kilt! *whistles* They opened with Swamp Thing and closed with Second Skin. They then encored with Don't Fall! (upon which I geeked all the way out because that's one of my favorite songs) Mark was so amazing, a more affable front man I have yet to see. He even got off stage and danced with the crowd a bit. Utter coolness!

Silly random show note: I felt short and I'm 5'9''! There were lots of tall guys there :D

It was an awesome night!


  1. This makes me so so so happy! I am so glad you went !!!! It's not too often I come across a fellow Chameleons fan so I am super amped that you serendipitously read my blog to find out about it !! YAY !!!


  2. Cuppy- Your blog leads to good things! ♥