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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall and Food!

Breaking up this page dump cause it's A LOT for one post. On to fall food faves!

Journal Prompt:  What is your favorite meal type/appetizer recipe?

My Page:

I found this recipe on The Black Apple's blog, Inside A Black Apple (who found it via Martha Stewart) way back in 2008. It's since become fall staple in the wickedsnicket household, as it features two of my favorite vegetables (parsnips and brussel sprouts) I even made this when my supermarket was out of all manner of butternut squash once. Still yummy.

If you use veggie crumbles and vegetable stock instead of sausage and chicken stock, as Black Apple suggests, it makes a very good vegetarian fall stew as well!

Journal Prompt:  What is your favorite fall drink??

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I always look forward to pumpkin flavored (well anything really)
smoothies this time of year, so much so that I decided to try making my own!  These were more like a desert than a drink.

Journal Prompt:  What is your favorite Fall Sweet Treat Recipe?

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I haven't made these yet, but I will soon! <3
.....and are you ready for BONUS PAGE!! ;)
Journal Prompt:  What is your favorite Fall Sweet Treat Recipe? (Part II)

My Page:
There was a lot of talk on one of the chats about sugar skulls, so when I found this recipe in BUST magazine on how to make edible ones I wanted to share it! I think these would be fun to make and great for a party.

I'd also to like to make some real sugar skulls to honor my lost loved ones this year.


  1. I love that you posted a sugar skull recipe!!!! I am totally going to try and make these with my art students!
    Your pages are amazing as usual :)

  2. Janel~ Thanks so much! I'm so happy you are going to make the sugar skulls with your art students!! How lucky are they? I'd be thrilled to work with chocolate and make skulls if I was a kid! (okay I'd be thrilled to do that now but you know what I mean!)