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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yay October!

Okay I know the month is winding to an end at this point, but I'm still pretty excited about it :D

Journal Prompt:  Come up with 4-6 simple, accomplishable goals for the month of October.  Keep them specific and fun! xo

My page:

 I very much enjoyed making this page! (and yes I would freak all the way out if I saw a spider anything even close to that one!)

It's been years since I read the Harry Potter series from the beginning. The wizarding world of Hogwarts makes lovely fall reading. I love reading Neil Gaiman's work all year round, The Graveyard Book or/and Coraline are so perfect for this month!

More pages soon! (sooner than a month hopefully!)


  1. your goal page was one of my favorites!!!!
    I just got finished reading Harry Potter from the beginning and it was AMAZING!!

  2. Janel~ Thank you! This was one of my favorite pages to do :)

    I've just about finished The Graveyard Book then it's on to Hogwarts and Harry! ♥